Trifocal Lenses

About Trifocal Lenses

You Naples, FL ophthalmology professionals at Naples Eye Physicians can explain in greater detail, but trifocal lenses are similar to bifocals. The difference is that they have three optical “power zones” rather than just two.

About Tri Focal Lenses

Bifocals and trifocal lenses both help treat a very common vision disorder known as presbyopia. Let’s take a closer look.

About Presbyopia

The official name of this disorder sounds more serious than it really is. Presbyopia is a vision problem that most of us will experience after the age of 40 or so, if not before. It’s caused by the gradual loss of elasticity of the muscles around the lenses of your eyes. When this happens, it makes it more difficult for you to focus on objects close to you.

You might first notice the nearsightedness caused by presbyopia in difficulty reading or texting or otherwise looking at small, near objects.

How Tri Focals Help Treat Your Vision Problems

For many people, it isn’t just nearsightedness that we experience as we get older. It’s just as normal for your eyes to lose the ability to clearly see distant objects. However, a lens that treats nearsightedness won’t offer benefits for farsightedness and vice versa. Therefore, people sometimes find themselves trying to juggle two pairs of glasses, one just for reading and the other for other uses.  

Bifocals were developed to merge two distinct optical power zones in one lens: one to correct nearsightedness and the other for farsightedness.

Tri focal lenses take that innovation to the next step -- with the addition of a third power zone. In addition to zones to address near- and farsightedness, the trifocal lens has a segment to correct vision deficiencies at an intermediate distance of about 18 to 24 inches, or about arms’ length from your face.

For many people, trifocal lenses can correct all of their vision problems with a single pair of eyeglasses.

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