Eye and Vision Exams

Here at Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL we offer a range of services including a comprehensive eye exam which is available to all family members, from kids to seniors. Here is some more information about our eye and vision exams and how they are conducted!

Woman getting an Eye and Vision Exam

Introduction to Eye Exams for All Ages from Kids to Seniors

Your Naples ophthalmologist provides eye exams for children, adults, and seniors. This typically starts with a health history and symptoms consultation. It also includes questions about your viewing habits (i.e. whether or not you sit at a computer screen all day). Then, we will provide comprehensive exams, vision screenings, ocular health exams, and contact lens exams.

Types of Eye Exams We Offer

Comprehensive eye examination – This could take at least an hour. It usually starts with reading an eye chart to test visual acuity, which measures both near and distant vision sharpness. We also provide function tests using objects that follow eye movement’s one at a time and together. In addition, retina tests using a light to see how well your eyes focus as the light passes through it.

Vision screening –There are a variety of tests including a slit lamp exam using a binocular microscope to observe your eye structure or phoropter to aid in retinal examination. We also might use dilation drops to enlarge your pupils to further test your retina to see how it processes light.

Ocular Health Exams – We typically test for glaucoma by administering a pressure test using a tonometry machine. In addition, we examine your optic nerve condition and check your eyes for macular degeneration. All of these aids in detecting diabetes, hypertension and more. In addition, we conduct visual field tests to determine peripheral vision strength and blind spots, which can identify brain damage caused by a stroke or a tumor.

Contact lens exam – Contacts sit directly on your eye, so we need to provide exams based on how well you could see with them instead of glasses. In addition, your Naples ophthalmologist will determine if you can develop tears and evaluate your cornea shape to see whether hard or soft contacts would suit you. We also can find out if you need customized contacts to conform to your eye shape.

What's Involved During An Eye Exam

First, you fill out the patient forms. This is where you include health history and symptom information. Then, we move onto the comprehensive exams, visual screenings, and ocular health exams. We may schedule a second appointment for the contact lens exam.

Contact your Naples Ophthalmologist for a Vision Exam Today

Whether it is to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive vision or if it is to learn more about the other services we offer, Naples Eye Physicians are here to accommodate you. To contact us, please call our office phone number at (239) 262-6288 and we’ll help give you the care needed to maintain your optical health.