When you have a vision issue that requires you to wear vision correction lenses, eyeglasses are a good choice. They are a classic way to see better and they come with a lot of advantages. If you need new eyeglasses, it is time to get an eye exam so that your prescription is up to date. If you live in or around Naples, FL, and would like to schedule an eye exam, contact our ophthalmologists at Naples Eye Physicians.


Easy to Use

One big advantage to wearing eyeglasses is that they are easy to use. They can be put on and taken off in just a few seconds and they require little care. As long as they are cleaned every once in a while and stored in a safe place, they will stay in good condition and be ready to use at any time. While contact lenses come with a learning curve needed to get used to taking them out and putting them in, glasses have no such learning curve. They also lend a traditional look that many people enjoy. There are so many styles available that just about anyone can find a flattering pair of eyeglasses.

Choosing Your Frames Shape

When it is time to pick your pair of eyeglasses, there are several criteria that you can use to make the process easier so that you can find the best pair for your face. The first aspect to look at is how the frames are shaped. The shape of the frames may be rectangular, square, round, ovular, or cat-eye.

The shape should go well with the shape of your face so your face looks like an oval. This ideal shape is highly harmonious. Think about the way that each frame shape will affect the way your face shape looks. If your face is very angular, you may want to use round eyeglasses to soften those angles.

Choosing Eyeglasses Color

It is also important to be careful when choosing the color. The frame color should complement your hair color as well as your skin color. To avoid clashing, hold the frames up to both so that you can see how they go with each other. This will help you find a pair that looks good with your own unique coloring.

Get Your New Eyeglasses in Naples, FL

When it is time for a new pair of glasses, our ophthalmologists at Naples Eye Physicians are here to help you every step of the way. We will perform a thorough eye exam to ensure your prescription is up to date. We will also answer any questions that you may have about your new eyeglasses. Call our team today at (239) 262-6288 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.