Botox Cosmetic

At Naples Eye Physicians, we take advantage of the latest medical advances to help our patients look, feel, and see better. One modern innovation, Botox, allows us to provide a temporary solution for both cosmetic concerns and certain eye conditions. In addition to our comprehensive eye exams and treatments, our Naples ophthalmologist offers Botox Cosmetic injections for patients who want to reduce eye wrinkles and drooping or temporarily stop eye spasms.

Botox cosmetic provides a temporary solution for both cosmetic concerns and certain eye conditions. Call our Naples ophthalmologist today to learn more!

Refresh Your Eyebrows and Forehead with Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is used for a variety of facial muscles, but it's only technically approved for one specific cosmetic purpose: to smooth the lines between your eyebrows. If you have pronounced glabellar lines (also known as frown lines) and want to look more refreshed and content, come to Naples Eye Physicians. Our Naples ophthalmologist uses Botox Cosmetic injections to temporarily block nerve impulses in your eye and forehead muscles. After injection, the muscle behind your frown lines no longer contracts, preventing the facial lines that normally appear.

We also use Botox Cosmetic to relax lines in the forehead and near the eyes. If wrinkles appear at the outside corners of your eyes when you use your facial muscles, you may be a good candidate for our "crow's feet" Botox injections. These injections are most effective for wrinkles and facial lines that usually soften when your muscles are relaxed. Because they work by blocking signals to specific muscles, they may not reduce the appearance of lines that appear in relaxed skin.

Treat Eye Spasms and Drooping with Botox

Of course, our Botox injections aren't purely cosmetic. When Botox first debuted in the late 1980's, its primary use was to treat muscle spasms. This is still one of the main, FDA-approved purposes for Botox, and some of our patients receive Botox injections for eye muscle spasms. If you experience chronic muscle spasms in your eyes, Botox may temporarily stop the problem and allow you live a more comfortable, clear life. We also use Botox to treat severe eyelid drooping and wrinkles that interfere with vision or cause eye irritation.

Trust Our Naples Ophthalmologist with Botox Injections

The effects of Botox are temporary, but even a temporary disruption to your vision is unacceptable. We encourage our patients to depend on us for any Botox cosmetic injections that involve the eye muscles. Because we have years of experience with the delicate and important eye muscles, as well as the eyes themselves, we know how to perform precise injections that target specific muscles and lines without blocking nerve signals to other parts of the eye.

Schedule Your Botox Cosmetic Appointment with Our Ophthalmologist in Naples

Interested in Botox cosmetic for your eyes? Our Naples ophthalmologist has the experience it takes to perform precise injections in and around the eye muscles. Whether you have forehead wrinkles between your eyebrows, crow's feet that make you look tired, or eye spasms that disrupt your everyday life, Botox Cosmetic could be the solution your eyes need. Call us today at (239) 262-6288 to schedule your appointment.