Hyperopia Treatment from Our Optometrist

As one of the most common eye conditions, the American Optometric Association reports that a sobering 60% of Americans are impacted by hyperopia or farsightedness. Fortunately, this common refractive error is easily treatable by the experienced optometrists at Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL. Let us take a closer look at farsightedness, how it's determined, and some of the most common treatment options available to you in Naples at Naples Eye Physicians. 


What Is Hyperopia or Farsightedness? 

Hyperopia or farsightedness is a common type of refractive error where far away objects appear less distorted than objects that are near. In other words, an individual who is farsightedness may have no problem seeing objects that are distant but may struggle to focus on a book. A large percentage of those with farsightedness have struggled with the condition since birth, while most will develop hyperopia as they age. 

What Is Farsightedness Caused By? 

With any type of refractive error, the shape of the eye hinders light from properly focusing on the retina. Those who have hyperopia suffer from an abnormally shaped lens or cornea, which is typically the result of a shorter eyeball. This abnormal shape makes it harder for light entering the eye to focus properly on the cornea. 

Eye Exam Can Be Used to Diagnose Hyperopia

The most reliable way to determine whether you have farsightedness or nearsightedness is with regular eye exams. The optometrist at Naples Eye Physicians will conduct a non-invasive eye exam to test the accuracy of your vision. This eye exam will typically include you reading lines of letters on an eye chart from varying distances. Then the eye doctor will use a specialized device to test a range of different lenses to measure your actual refractive error. And lastly, the optometrist will shine a light into your eye to test the reflection from the rear of the eye. 

Correcting Farsightedness

If you suffer from farsightedness, the experts at Naples Eye Physicians offer a range of different solutions to help you look your best:

  1. Eyeglasses are the easiest and safest way to correct your hyperopia. We will work closely with you to help you find the best type of eyeglasses to correct your refractive error. \
  2. Contact lenses operate by being the first refractive surface for rays of light entering the eye to help improve y our ability to focus. Although contact lenses are a safe and effective option, they may not be the most ideal solution for everyone. 
  3. Refractive surgery is a process designed to permanently reshape the cornea, which can significantly improve your vision. This procedure can greatly decrease or eliminate your dependency on other forms of contact lenses or glasses. 

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If you suffer from hyperopia, the experts at Naples Eye Physicians can and will help. And your journey to better vision starts with an eye exam. 

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