Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment at Naples Eye Physicians

Cataracts are the world's leading cause of blindness - but you don't have to suffer that fate just because you're developing this common condition. Naples eye Physicians can provide not only early diagnosis and conservative treatment but also surgery to remove and replace the diseased lenses.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract looks like a "cloud" in the eye's lens. This cloudy mass is made up of proteins that normally remain dispersed to allow for visual clarity, but have now clumped together to obscure vision instead. While some cataracts are caused by diabetes, steroid use, or other underlying triggers, the most common variety (called nuclear cataracts) are a natural side effect of aging. But that's small comfort when you're experiencing the symptoms of cataracts. You may suffer from altered color perception, limited contrast perception, glare sensitivity, blurred vision, and the appearance of distracting patterns around light sources.

Beyond Ophthalmology: Advanced Treatment for Cataracts

Our eye care team can diagnose cataracts through a combination of vision testing and an instrument-based diagnostic technique called slit-lamp testing. The good news is that cataracts can be treated and managed, even if the condition itself is not reversible. Since most cataracts progress quite slowly, periodic updates to your corrective lenses, along with specialized coating to aid with contrast perception and glare, may be all you need at first. We will also make sure you have UV-blocking glasses and sunglasses to prevent cataracts or minimize their rate of growth. If you smoke, we'll urge you to quit.

While an optometry center can offer all of these diagnostic and primary treatment options, Naples Eye Physicians goes even further. Once your cataracts reach a point where standard treatment techniques can no longer compensate for vision problems, an ophthalmologist would be forced to refer you to a separate surgeon to have cataracts removed. But the ophthalmologists at our clinic can actually perform this quick, painless procedure as well. After opening in a flap in the capsule that contains the diseased lens, we use ultrasound to break the lens up so we can take it out easily. We then add a clear new artificial lens to restore your vision to its normal clarity. We can even add a corrective prescription to that lens, potentially making your vision better than it was before you had cataracts.

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