Glaucoma FAQs

Glaucoma affects the eye's optic nerve, and it is a significant cause of vision loss. At Naples Eye Physicians, we have provided residents of Naples, FL with glaucoma treatment and other eye care services for many years. Our ophthalmology team receives several questions about the condition. Following are the answers to several questions our ophthalmologist frequently receives regarding glaucoma.


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve and occurs due to environmental and hereditary factors. Any damage to the optic nerve prevents visual information from traveling to the brain, resulting in vision loss. 

What Causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve is damaged, usually due to increased interocular pressure. This increased pressure blocks the passages that allow for fluid to drain from your eye. The buildup of pressure increases pressure on the optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve causes vision loss.

Who is at Risk of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is commonly found in patients over age 40. Individuals with diabetes and nearsightedness have a greater likelihood of developing glaucoma. Regardless of age or background, regular eye exams are critical for identifying and treating glaucoma. There is no cure for glaucoma, but treatment can slow its progression and prevent vision loss from occurring.

Does Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

It is possible to go blind from glaucoma, but it can be prevented. Early diagnosis helps prevent severe optic nerve damage. Glaucoma starts with loss of peripheral vision and then central vision, eventually progressing to total blindness.

How Is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

An eye exam from an ophthalmologist is an easy way to detect glaucoma. An eye doctor will use a tonometer tool to measure the eyes' internal pressure. Your eyes may also be dilated so the health of your optic nerve can be assessed.

What are Treatment Options for Glaucoma? 

Glaucoma is usually treated with prescription eye drops or medication. Consistent use of medication can help keep the condition under control. Treatment does not restore eyesight but prevents glaucoma from becoming worse.

Can Glaucoma be Prevented?

An overall healthy lifestyle that incorporates eye care tips is the best way to prevent glaucoma. In addition, early identification is critical to effectively treating glaucoma.

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