Retinal Surgery

Retinal Surgery

Keeping your retinas healthy is vital for maintaining strong vision and eye health. Significant issues with your retina can lead to permanent vision loss or even blindness. Our ophthalmologist and staff at Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, can protect your vision by treating your retinal issues. One such way our ophthalmologist can treat your retinal issues is through retinal surgery. You can worry less and get back to living your life when you work with a trusted eye surgeon for your retinal problems. Continue reading to learn more about retinal surgery and how we can help keep your vision strong.

Retinal Surgery

What Is the Retina, and What Does It Do?

The retina is a layer of cells in the back of the eye that captures light and transmits information to the brain. The brain then processes the light as images. Your retina is vital for vision since it sends the signals to your brain to process what we see. Damaged retinas that do not work correctly can significantly impact your vision since the brain cannot process images.

Why Would You Need Retinal Surgery?

Retinal surgery is necessary to treat retinal detachments. Retinal detachments occur when your retina pulls away from its normal position, separating the retinal cells from the blood cells that provide oxygen to the eye. Retinal detachment requires prompt treatment from an eye surgeon since this condition can lead to permanent damage to your eyes and vision. Retinal tears, retinal vein occlusions, and diabetic retinopathy are also retinal issues that require immediate attention from an eye doctor near me. You can sometimes treat these conditions with lasers or other types of surgery, depending on the specifics of your situation.

How Can an Ophthalmologist Help?

An ophthalmologist who specializes in retinal surgery can treat your retinal detachment and protect your eye and vision health in the future. They can perform several types of eye surgery based on your retinal issue, including pneumatic retinopexy, vitrectomy, or using a scleral buckle.

Your ophthalmologist can perform a pneumatic retinopexy to put your retina back in its proper place by injecting air bubbles into your eye. They can then freeze the bubbles or seal them in on the wall of your eye with a laser. Doing this puts your retina back into its correct place.

You may need a vitrectomy to drain and replace fluid in your eye. Your ophthalmologist removes the vitreous and other tissue that tugs on your retina, and then they inject air, gas, or silicone oil to flatten the retina. Doing this allows your ophthalmologist to reattach the retina. This procedure will require a hospital stay.

Scleral buckles can push your retina back into its correct place by using small bands in the white part of your eye to reduce the tugging force of your vitreous. These buckles are typically permanent.

Get Retinal Surgery From Your Eye Surgeon at Naples Eye Physicians Today

Your retinas are vital for keeping your vision clear, so contact Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, to get the retinal surgery you need to protect your vision. We can help with your retinal issues by performing surgery for detachments, tears, and other problems, so call us and schedule an appointment at (239) 262-6288.