Picking The Right Frames

If you are interested in obtaining a new pair of eyeglasses to aid in vision correction, you are most likely excited about the prospect in being able to see properly while sporting new Frames for all to admire. The selection process for eyeglass frames is a personal one that requires a bit of planning so you do not squander a lot of time. The first step in getting new frames is to give a call to Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL to meet with our Ophthalmologist for an appointment. After your prescription is determined, use the following steps to pick out frames you love.

Picking the Right Frames

Make Sure the Price is Right

Before you start looking at frames, it is wise to determine a set level regarding the highest amount you wish to pay for them. This will help to keep you within a range that comfortable for your specific budget. If you have vision insurance, it is best to give your provider a call if you are uncertain about what is covered when you get a new pair of glasses. This will also help you stay within the range you desire when it becomes time to pick out your frames.

Know Your Face Shape to Pick Flattering Frames

The shape of your face should be used to help you select frames that complement your appearance. If you have an elongated face, consider picking out round frames. If you have a round face, rectangular frames work best. A heart-shaped face fares will with a pair of glasses that draw the eyes upward, such as those with embellishments or pointed sides. To determine your face shape, take a photograph of yourself and cover it with a piece of tracing paper. Trace the circumference of your head in the picture and look at the paper after it has been removed from your photograph.

Let Our Staff Members Give You a Hand

Our employees are trained in helping patients pick out frames that suit their budget, style, and appearance. Allow our staff to point you in the direction of frames that match your specifications, making it easier for you to make a selection from the pairs presented to you. We have a variety of styles, colors, and frame shapes on hand to choose from. If you have a specific brand you are looking for, call us before your appointment to inquire about whether we currently have it in stock. 

Contact Naples Eye Physicians to make an appointment with our Ophthalmologist in Naples, FL if you are interested in picking out a new pair of Eyeglass Frames in the near future. Call our practice today at (239) 262-6288 for more information.