If you have had a doctor tell you that you or your child has strabismus, you may feel concerned. Questions will come up in your mind. What is strabismus? Is it treatable? Where do I go? Luckily, this condition is not life-threatening, and an ophthalmologist can help. Come and see us at Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, for strabismus treatment.


What Is Strabismus?

Strabismus is also known as crossed eyes. This condition happens when the eyes don't align with each other, and it affects approximately 4% of the American population, both old and young.

Most cases happen from an inability of the eye muscles to coordinate the movement of both eyes. Neuromuscular control of the eye muscles or problems with the muscles themselves may keep the eyes from lining up correctly. In adults, causes may include a persistent condition from childhood, stroke, Graves disease, or trauma.

Two types of strabismus exist, depending on the orientation of the eyes with each other. Vertical strabismus happens when one eye is lower than the other. The horizontal form, which often goes by the term crossed eyes, happens when one eye looks inward or outward compared to the other.

What Are Signs or Symptoms of Strabismus?

In children, strabismus may cause a condition called amblyopia, or lazy eye. The misalignment of the eyes causes one of the eyes to work less than the other, resulting in weaker visual acuity in that eye.

Adults may have a feeling of a pulled muscle around one of their eyes, double vision, or turning the head to see things clearly.

In many child and adult cases, you can see the misalignment in a mirror. However, the differences in the direction of the eyes may not be apparent all the time or in mild cases. An ophthalmologist can diagnose this condition during a comprehensive eye exam.

What Treatments Can an Ophthalmologist Offer?

Treatments for crossed eyes may include standard or prism eyeglasses, surgery on the eye muscles, eye patching, eye drops or ointments, or eye exercises. Some adults with strabismus may benefit from carefully injected Botox injections.

If you have other conditions, our eye doctors will address those first before scheduling eye surgery. With good treatment, even adults can get relief from crossed eyes and double vision.

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