LASIK Surgery


When you have an eye condition that makes corrective lenses necessary, you have a few options that can correct your vision. For many people, LASIK eye sugary is a great option that can correct the problem that is hindering them from seeing clearly. LASIK is a common eye sugary that has been time-tested and found to be highly effective for most patients. If you are considering the procedure, we recommend visiting our ophthalmologists at Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, for an eye exam. Our team will evaluate your condition and determine if LASIK is suitable for you.

The Health of Your Eyes

When your visit our ophthalmologist, they will conduct a screening of the overall health of your eyes. They will discuss your eye health with you and ask questions about your general health. Then, we will discuss your health history and ask about any conditions that could possibly hinder you from being a good candidate for the surgery. It is important for your eyes to be healthy in order to receive the surgery. If you have eye diseases or conditions, such as keratitis, dry eye, glaucoma, or keratoconus, you may not get the results you want and might need retreatment at a later time. If you have ever had eye surgery or eye injuries, this can disqualify you from the surgery. In order to get LASIK, you need to also have a stable vision prescription that has been the same for a few years.

The LASIK Process

If you do qualify for LASIK surgery, the first step is generally to take a mild sedative, which will ensure that you're comfortable throughout the surgery. Your eyes will then be assessed by our ophthalmologists who will also measure them with precision. Then, eye drops will be applied into your eyes to help them become numb. During the surgery, our ophthalmologists will change the curve of the cornea with a laser. This entails making an incision of a flap into the eye and eliminating a small piece of the cornea with the laser, which can change its curve and fix your vision problem. You'll stay comfortable and relaxed and the procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes.

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