Sports Vision FAQs

Frequently Asked Sports Vision Questions

The striving for excellence is a common trait among athletes of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. How, then does your eyesight fit into your quest to refine your athletic skills? Check out these frequently asked questions about sports vision challenges, testing, and treatment at our Naples, FL, eye care center, Naples Eye Physicians.


What Does "Sports Vision" Mean?

"Sports vision" is a broad term applied to the demands athletes make of their eyesight. The idea is that even the tiniest extra edge in visual clarity and responsiveness can have a massive impact on sports performance. This is especially true in the heat of competition, when hundredths of a point can determine a winner.

Do I Already Have Perfect Vision if I'm Seeing 20/20?

Don't be misled by the term "20/20." A 20/20 score achieved in a standard eye and vision exam doesn't mean that you have perfect vision. It simply means that you're expected to see under normal circumstances. The sharpest eyes can easily better this score.

What Sports Require Extraordinary Vision Skills?

Any sport that involves following fast-moving objects, such as a tennis ball, requires superb eye tracking and teaming, while any sport that requires quick responses and perfect coordination will call for excellent visual processing, peripheral vision, and depth perception. If you have to pick out a tricky target at a great distance like golfers and target shooters must do, then you also need top-quality color and contrast perception.

What Is Sports Vision Testing?

Sports vision testing is a process that goes a step beyond your standard comprehensive eye and vision exam. In addition to performing those standard evaluations, we also employ certain additional tests to check for even the tiniest aberrations from perfect eyesight. Examples include advanced contrast testing, eye dominance testing, and Hirschberg testing to check for tiny imbalances in your eye alignment.

How Does Your Ophthalmologist Correct My Sports Vision?

Either ophthalmologist at our Naples, FL, eye care center can prescribe a variety of treatments and corrective techniques to refine your sports vision. Options may include vision therapy, refractive error correction, anti-glare coatings for eyeglass, tinted lenses to improve contrast perception, or even surgery to correct eye alignment problems.

Get More Answers at Our Ophthalmology Clinic in Naples, FL

You demand the most from the rest of your body as an athlete, so don't hesitate to demand the most from your eyes as well. Get all the answers to your sports vision issues at our ophthalmology clinic in Naples, FL. Call Naples Eye Physicians at (239) 262-6288 to schedule a sports vision evaluation and any necessary sports vision treatment.