Diabetic Eye

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment from Your Ophthalmologist in Naples, FL

One important part of treatment for individuals with diabetes is regular comprehensive eye examinations due to the risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.  Our ophthalmologist in Naples, FL, monitors diabetics who visit us at Naples Eye Physicians, our ophthalmology practice, very closely in order to identify any signs of this disorder. 


Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy, which can result in blindness, is a possible outcome when diabetes remains uncontrolled over an extended period.  In such cases, blood and additional fluids can leak from blood vessels found in the retina, causing it to swell and impact vision.  In some patients, new abnormal vessels that are prone to leaking form around the retina.

Most diabetic retinopathy patients experience the disorder in both eyes.  It can be difficult for diabetics to discern retinopathy symptoms since they are sometimes only apparent once the disorder reaches an advanced stage.  However, risk factors for developing it rise with the amount of time diabetes is present.

These are the most common symptoms our patients experience:

    • • Blurred vision
    • • Difficulty seeing after dark
    • • Washed-out or faded appearance of colors
      • • Blank or dark portions of the visual field
      • • Increasing number of eye floaters
      • • Visions that alters from blurry to clear

      Treatment Options from Our Ophthalmology Practice

      The focus of our ophthalmology practice in dealing with diabetic retinopathy is halting or hopefully slowing it progress.  Our ophthalmologist notes that the various therapies available are keyed to disease severity.

      Getting a diabetic’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels under control is an initial concern.  Patients can help themselves by closely following the medical advice they receive from the physician managing their diabetes.

      In some cases, injection of anti-VEGF medication into the eyes lowers swelling, slows loss of vision, and sometimes actually improves vision.  Swelling reduction is also sometimes possible using injected steroids.

      Laser surgery seals off leaking blood vessels and reduces swelling of the retina.  It also shrinks vessels and halts further growth.

      For some patients, a vitrectomy is appropriate.  This is a surgical option for individuals with proliferative diabetic retinopathy, or PDR.  Removing leaking blood and vitreous gel during this procedure allows light to properly focus on the retina.  A vitrectomy is also useful for removing scar tissue.

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