Glaucoma Surgery

If you live in Naples, FL, and are worried that you might have glaucoma, come see us at Naples Eye Physicians. Our ophthalmologists are skilled at glaucoma treatment, including laser surgery and incisional surgery. Here's more about how we can help you see better if you have this condition. 

Glaucoma Surgery

What Is Glaucoma?

The thing with glaucoma is that it is very gradual. People often don't notice the symptoms for a long time, which means that the condition is in its late stages. The symptoms include patchy blind spots in your side vision and then more problems seeing things in your main vision. You may also have headaches or severe pain depending on the eye angle that gets closed off is acute. People of all ages can get glaucoma, including children. They may have cloudy eyes or cry without tears. It's important that they get their eyes checked regularly too.

Glaucoma Treatments

The main way that glaucoma can be treated is through medication. You will get eye drops that lower the pressure in your eye. They can either reduce how much aqueous fluid your eye makes, or they may help the fluid flow better out of the drainage angle. You need to follow all the directions and keep using the eye drops even if your eye feels fine. Otherwise, you risk glaucoma becoming even worse and having permanent vision loss.

You can also have laser surgery that helps the eye drain better. This depends on what type of glaucoma you have - there are two types of laser surgery. Both of them are outpatient treatments - they can be done in the ophthalmologist's office. You'll have to have someone drive you home. There are more advanced surgeries that can be done in a hospital.

One of the best ways to prevent having late-stage glaucoma is to have regular eye exams. Your eye doctor will always look to make sure that the pressure in your eye is not too high. They can then slow down glaucoma's progress or even prevent it. If you do have it, you'll always need to monitor or treat it for the rest of your life. That's why it's important to see your eye doctor regularly to help keep your eyes healthy.

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