Contact Lenses

Are Contact Lenses the Right Choice for You?

It's affected by whether your eyes are healthy enough and the shape and condition of your corneas. Although, this is a decision you should make with your eye doctor. Consider surgery or eyeglasses to understand your options. Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, can help. 

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What Do Contact Lenses Offer?

Contact lenses are an attractive option if you need vision correction and don't want to wear glasses. Speak with our eye doctor to see if you need contacts in the first place. You may have medical conditions or eye health concerns. Therefore, contacts aren't the best choice in your situation. Contacts can offer clear vision without glasses, but they only work for some.

For example, you may not be a good candidate for traditional contact lenses if you have irregularly shaped corneas. Instead, you may wear specialty lenses because they work differently from typical soft lenses. For example, some contacts can change your eye color, help correct your vision while you sleep, and treat issues like astigmatism along with correcting vision.

Is Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) Surgery a Better Choice?

Sometimes, LASIK surgery might be a better choice for you than contacts. For example, contacts might not be convenient or practical if you play sports or like to swim a lot. Getting LASIK can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, but it's still a surgery and comes with some risks. It's also not a good option for everyone, and some need to be better candidates.

How Much Vision Correction Do You Need?

The type and level of vision correction can affect whether contact lens options are the best choice for your needs. For example, some people do better with glasses, and others want LASIK surgery. Although, if you don't want to wear glasses and are not a good candidate for surgery, a contact lens prescription can be a great way to see better and more conveniently.

Get Help with Your Vision Correction Goals

If you're in the Naples, FL, area, working with an ophthalmologist at Naples Eye Physicians is the right choice. Contact us at (239) 262-6288 , and let's discuss your options for seeing better. With several ways to meet your needs, talking things over with our ophthalmologist makes choosing the right vision plan for your situation easier.