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Contact Lens Exams with our Ophthalmologist at Naples Eye Physicians

A contact lens exam enables an optician to assess your vision health and quality. It is recommended to have eye exams regularly. Naples Eye Physicians examines and treats people in Naples, FL, and surrounding towns. Read on to learn more about eye exams and their importance.

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What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are medical equipment which improves your vision. A contact lens prescription is essential to purchase them. Your optician will take precise measurements such as your cornea's curvature and eye's front surface to issue the right contact lenses.

Differences between Eye Exam and Contact Lens Exam

In a standard contact lens exam, it is essential to ensure that your lenses fit properly without hurting your eyes. On the other hand, an eye exam takes care of your general health even if you do not need vision correction. It enables a doctor to detect underlying health conditions including diabetes and hypertension by examining your eyes.

During a routine eye exam, a Naples doctor looks for symptoms of glaucoma. They perform several tests to assess a patient's prescription strength, fluid pressure, and visual sharpness. It might be necessary to dilate your eyes for the doctor to check different eye conditions.

If you wear contact lens, an eye exam supplements a contact lens exam. Your optician will perform several tests to assess your vision with particular contacts. First, they will measure the eye surface to choose the right type and size for you. A tear film test ensures that you have sufficient tears to wear contacts.

An eye exam and contact lens exam results help the doctor to prescribe the right contact lens. However, it does not substitute a contact lens exam. Instead, it measures it measures contact lenses which are 12 mm from your eyes while a contact lens prescription measures lenses that sit on your eye surface.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

During a regular eye exam, the optician uses an eye chart to test a patient's visual acuity. Additional tests help in determining your ocular health and whether it is necessary to rectify refractive errors.

After the test, the doctor analyses the test results to choose the appropriate contact lenses. They may inquire about your contact lens preference and lifestyle. Some rigid gas permeable (RGB) lenses offer better vision than soft contact lenses. Your doctor may provide bifocal or multifocal lenses to treat presbyopia. A mono-vision lens fitting technique corrects the distance vision of one eye and the other eye's near vision.

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