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Are You Playing Your Best Game? Sports Vision Eye Care

Naples Eye Physicians is the premier ophthalmologist in Naples, FL. We offer a full line-up of ophthalmology services including sports vision management and training. Athletes require special lens wear, often encounter eye injuries and may even need vision training for enhanced performance.

sports vision

Lens wear Protection

• There is currently no rule for children's sports concerning the use of safety goggles or shields. However, the number of pediatric reports of injury during a sporting event is increasing as more and more children are participating in team sports. The National Eye Institute highly recommends the use of ultra-strong polycarbonate safety glasses, goggles, eye shields or guards to safeguard against eye injuries.      

• High school, semi-professional and professional athletes need eye protection as well. You should choose safety wear that meets the American Society of Testing Materials standards (ASTM). Your particular sport may have more opportunity for injury so check for any recommendations by your league.     

• Boxing and full contact martial arts are obviously extremely prone to serious eye injury and can often lead to blindness. However, there is really not a good option for protecting your eyes during these sports. If you already have eye issues, it may behoove you to consider if the risk is worth it.

Eye Care

Routine eye exams are always a good idea. Your vision is a valuable asset that cannot be replaced. Having regular check ups can ensure that your vision is top notch. It also gives the ophthalmologist an overview of your eye health, checks for disease and injury, and can detect other physical ailments that may show up in the eyes before anywhere else. Eye injuries should always be treated immediately. There are different types of injuries, ranging from just having a speck in your eye to actually sustaining damage. How you handle these incidences can determine the amount of impairment you experience. A speck may just need to be rinsed out with water but never attempt to remove something from the eye using tweezers or anything else. A blow to the eye should be treated with cold compresses and see your doctor right away. If there is a foreign object sticking out of the eye, this is an emergency. Do not extract the object as this could cause further harm.

Vision training can help to improve your playing field execution. You will work with the doctor on acuity, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, contrast sensitivity, and peripheral vision.

Whatever your sport, eye care is job one. Naples Eye Physicians, FL is the perfect choice to help with all your vision needs. When it comes to ophthalmology, we have trained, expert staff to get you where you need to be. Call us today: (239) 262-6288.