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Macular Degeneration Care From Our Eye Doctors in Naples

If you cherish your vision, macular degeneration is a disease that may affect that. This age-related eye disease causes irreversible damage and potentially profound vision loss by destroying the part of the retina that controls your central vision. Some 11 million people in the U.S. are currently suffering from this problem. Here at Naples Eye Physicians, our eye doctors in Naples can help you stay vigilant against macular degeneration and receive timely treatment to control it.

macular degeneration treatment

How Macular Degeneration Steals Your Sight

Macular degeneration affects one specific region of the retina known as the macula. This collection of light-sensitive cells is responsible for receiving signals related to your central field of vision and transmitting those signals to the brain via the optic nerve. Progressive damage to the macula may not show obvious vision issues for quite some time. However, you may start seeing waviness of straight lines or other forms of visual distortion. In the worst-case scenario, entire zones in your central vision may go interrupted, making it impossible for you to see what's straight ahead of you.

Macular degeneration generally begins during the 50s and 60s. Family history, ethnic origin, obesity, a high-fat diet and long-term exposure to UV or blue light are many risk factors. There are two principal stages of this disease. In the first stage, dry macular degeneration, deposits called drusen form on the macula. In the more advanced stage, wet macular degeneration, the blood vessels that feed the macula are damaged, causing the formation of new, weak-walled, leaky blood vessels. This stage is more likely to cause serious vision loss.

Our Eye Doctors in Naples Can Diagnose and Treat Macular Degeneration

Since there's no way to restore vision already lost to macular degeneration, identifying the disease in its earliest stage is a must. Our eye doctors in Naples can perform a comprehensive eye exam to spot telltale drusen and other signs of the disease. Vision testing can reveal any signs of disease-related vision loss.

Dry macular degeneration has no current treatment apart from close monitoring of the condition, but our eye doctors in Naples can make specific weight loss, diet and other lifestyle recommendations to help you slow its progress. A dietary protocol called AREDS2 appears to curb the advance of macular degeneration in some patients. Injectable medications can halt the growth of abnormal blood vessels in wet macular degeneration. Our ophthalmologists can perform laser surgery if necessary to seal off the leaks and stop intraocular bleeding.

Schedule an Eye Exam For Macular Degeneration Treatment Today!

If you're concerned about catching macular degeneration before it can damage your eyesight, schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam at Naples Eye Physicians. If you already know you have macular degeneration, call 239-262-6288 for an evaluation so our eye doctors in Naples can provide sight-saving treatment!

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