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Comprehensive Eye Care From Your Eye Doctors in Naples

Comprehensive Eye Care by our Eye Doctors in Naples

A regular eye exam should be a central part of your overall health regimen. Here at Naples Eye Physicians, our doctors have been dedicated to helping people maintain and restore their sight for a little over a half of a century. Our doctors would like to remind people that they should see an eye doctor at least once a year to ensure that their eyes are in the best shape possible.

a man being examined by his optometrist

Comprehensive Eye Care

Our team of physicians offer a wide range of services which include comprehensive eye exams. This type of exam includes an initial consultation with new patients. Returning patients are also consulted with to make sure there have been no changes since their last visit to our office. Then a series of tests are conducted which include an eye function test, vision test, and ocular health examination.

There Is a Difference

A lot of people make the assumption that if they have a comprehensive eye exam, that is all they need to do in terms of preparing their eyes for contacts. Contact fitting exams are quite different. During the exam, our eye doctor will be testing for the fitness of your eyes to determine whether you are a viable candidate for contact lenses. He is also evaluating your overall health to make sure you don't any medical conditions that would cause adverse reactions with the wearing of contacts. The doctor then takes as much time as is necessary to select the right lens for your eyes as the proper fit is not only important in terms of comfort, ill-fitting contacts can also impair your vision.

State of the Art Surgical Care in Naples

Our eye doctors perform a host of surgical procedures including traditional surgical methods for glaucoma and other eye diseases. We offer both general and local anesthesia for our patients. In addition, our doctors perform refractive eye surgery and premium lens implant surgery. We also use Botox to treat drooping and eye spasms and freshen up foreheads and eyebrows.

Frames and Shades

We offer a wide variety of frames and shades for our patients who wear prescription glasses. It should be noted that we can turn any pair of frames into a pair of prescription sunglasses.

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