Signs your kids might have vision problems Description

Signs Your Children May Have Vision Problems 

As a parent of a young child, worrying about health-related matters is part of your daily life. You're concerned with whether your child is eating enough, you notice every scrape, and you wonder if he or she will inherit family hereditary issues. One aspect of children's health that's frequently overlooked, however, is vision.

One in four school-aged children has impaired vision. These issues can easily go unnoticed, largely because children don't realize they're experiencing a vision problem or they can't communicate it.

At Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, Florida, our ophthalmologists are experienced in pediatric eye care. While there is no substitute for regular eye exams, it's important that parents know the warning signs of eyesight problems in children.

Signs That Indicate Your Child Has a Vision Problem

Vision is directly connected to how a child does in school and other activities. If he or she cannot see properly, they can't possibly perform well. Unfortunately, children often don't know they have vision problems and these issues aren't easily detected by routine physicals. Paying close attention to these warning signs can help you catch and correct any potential conditions.

  • Frequent squinting
  • Rubbing the eyes and/or complaining that they itch
  • Chronically red or watery eyes
  • Closing or covering one eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Excessive blinking
  • Moving closer to an object or bringing an object closer to the eyes
  • Difficulty reading or being suddenly uninterested in it

How to Treat Pediatric Vision Problems

We cannot overstate the importance of taking children for regular vision checkups with an ophthalmologist. You've probably heard it many times, and it's true: early detection and treatment make a world of difference, especially in pediatric vision issues. Up to half of the vision impairments are preventable, and it starts with routine eye exams. When addressed early, even serious eye conditions can usually be corrected.

If you observe any red flags indicating your child may be experiencing a vision problem, contact us to schedule an exam right away. A board-certified Ophthalmologist will screen your child's vision and check for more serious issues. We look forward to meeting you!