What Are The Most Preventable Causes Of Blindness

What Are The Most Preventable Causes Of Blindness?

Blindness isn't always preventable, but some common causes offer effective treatment options. These causes are typically preventable or treatable, and consulting an ophthalmologist can help patients avoid blindness. If you're in the Naples, FL area and seeking quality eye care and treatment, Naples Eye Physicians are here to help protect your vision for as long as possible.

Cataracts Don't Have to Lead to Blindness

Over time, cataracts cause blurry vision and make everything appear darker and harder to see. However, this is a preventable cause of blindness because cataracts can be removed in the majority of cases. You don't have to endure dim vision that's making your world feel smaller and more challenging to navigate. With proper treatment, you can regain clear vision.

Glaucoma Offers Treatment Options

Although glaucoma itself isn't preventable, there are treatment options available that can halt or slow its progression. Managing your glaucoma effectively with the assistance of your eye doctor can prevent you from going blind. It's crucial to detect glaucoma early to preserve as much vision as possible.

Aid for Refractive Errors and Astigmatism

Severe refractive errors or astigmatism can lead to legal blindness. Nevertheless, most of these issues can be treated with glasses or contact lenses. You don't have to navigate the world with legal blindness when vision correction options are available to help you see more clearly and boost your confidence.

Consult an Ophthalmologist Near You

If you're in the Naples, FL area and require an eye doctor to address a potential cause of blindness, please reach out to us at Naples Eye Physicians today. We can address numerous vision and eye health concerns, enabling you to safeguard and maintain your vision, even if you have an eye disease or condition. We're here to assist you.