Myopia Control

Myopia Control from Ophthalmology Experts in Naples, FL

Are you having trouble seeing objects that are far away, but not in front of you? If so, you most likely have a refractive error called myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness. Some of the most common symptoms of myopia include blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain, and excessive blinking. Fortunately, though, the field of ophthalmology has a myriad of solutions to help you improve your vision and reduce the symptoms of myopia. Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, can assist you with myopia control procedures.


Myopia Control Treatments

It is important to note that your myopia control treatment is an individual choice. Our eye doctors will go over the options with you and will recommend a method that's most likely to work for you. 

Eye Drops for Myopia

Atropine eye drops are one of the treatment options for myopia control. This unique eye drops work by dilating your pupils and temporarily limiting your eyes’ focusing mechanism, controlling the effects of myopia.

Glasses and Contacts for Myopia Control

Multifocal glasses are a solution that our eye doctors may recommend for you. These glasses allow you to see all distances and are known to slow the progression of myopia. They are a less invasive treatment option if you'd rather not use eye drops. 

If you prefer not to wear contact lenses, then our doctors of ophthalmology may decide that contact lenses are your best option for controlling your myopia. Contact lenses work by altering the direction of the rays of light that come in contact with your eyes so that the light focuses the right way on your retina. Many people choose contact lenses because they're more discreet than glasses. However, the wearer has to remember to remove and disinfect them accordingly to prevent eye infections and irritations.


Another option that works well at controlling myopia is ortho-k lenses. These lenses are unique because they are only worn at night when you are sleeping and they are taken off in the morning, giving you improved eyesight throughout the day.

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The first step toward recovering from any condition is to have a comprehensive exam and receive a diagnosis. Our ophthalmology specialists can consult with you and come up with an effective treatment plan if you have myopia. You can schedule an appointment using a convenient online form, or you can contact Naples Eye Physicians in Naples, FL, by dialing 239-262-6288. We want to help you get your eyes back in perspective.