Glaucoma Services from Your Naples, FL Ophthalmology Practice

Many eye care professionals consider glaucoma a thief.  This is because this eye disease is one of the leading causes of blindness.  Our Naples, FL ophthalmologist advises that the best way patients can help protect against vision loss is undergoing regular eye exams at our Naples Eye Physicians ophthalmology practice.  We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options.


What is Glaucoma?

Many people mistakenly think that glaucoma is a singular disorder.  It is an inclusive term for a number of disorders that cause damage to the optic nerve as the result of elevated internal eye pressure.  Our ophthalmologist notes that since damage often progresses very slowly, many patients have no idea that they have this eye disease until they receive a diagnosis after an exam.

The more prevalent type of glaucoma is open-angle.  The second is angle-closure.  Damage occurs when aqueous humor fails to drain correctly, causing blocked fluid to exert pressure on the optic nerve.

Symptoms vary with the type of disease.  Vision exams are particularly important with this disorder since its signs so often appear only once the condition is advanced.

Open-angle patients experience tunnel vision as well as reduced peripheral vision.  Angle-closure disease typically brings a sudden appearance of vision problems, eye reddening, eye pain, halos around lights, and/or nausea and vomiting.

A primary risk factor is being at least 40.  Others include:

  • • Having poor vision
  • • Being diabetic
  • • Possessing a specific ethnic background
  • • Genetics
  • • Earlier eye trauma

Ophthalmology Treatment Options

The primary objective of ophthalmology treatment for glaucoma is taking action to save as much as possible of the patient’s vision.  Success is directly linked to early diagnosis and treatment, according to our ophthalmologist.

All therapies seek to lower the intraocular pressure of an eye and stop damage to the optic nerve.  Our practice is able to offer both surgical as well as non-surgical options. 

Some patients benefit from prescription eye drops or adding an oral medication to them.  Several traditional and laser surgery options are available.  All surgical options are same-day procedures performed in our office.

Schedule an Exam with Our Ophthalmologist in Naples, FL

Our board-certified ophthalmologist notes that the most effective way to maintain the best vision possible is regular vision exams at our Naples Eye Physicians ophthalmology practice.  We provide full vision and eye health services for families living in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas.  Patients can expect to benefit from the latest and most effective techniques, whether they need prescription eyewear or treatment for conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts.  Be proactive about your vision and call us today at 239-262-6288 to schedule a comprehensive exam with our eye doctor.