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What Causes Glaucoma?

What Causes Glaucoma?

Man with glaucoma should seek an optometrist as soon as possible

Like a balloon or other inflatable object, the eye has a normal and natural pressure that is maintained by fluid in the eye. In a healthy eye, there is a balance between the pressure of this fluid and its ability to drain away. Glaucoma occurs when too much of this fluid is produced or when it doesn't drain away properly, building pressure and compromising vision. What causes glaucoma and how can our eye doctors in Naples help in its treatment?

Causes of Glaucoma

Along with an unnatural build up of pressure in the eye from too much fluid being produced or a blockage of the fluid's release, other factors can cause glaucoma. For example, people with extremely sensitive optic nerves can have them affected by normal eye pressure. On the other hand, not everyone who experiences elevated pressure in the eye suffers from glaucoma. The condition may also be caused by poor blood flow in the eye or a buildup of the protein beta-amyloid. The bottom line is that determining the cause of your specific form of glaucoma is critical in determining its appropriate treatment. An extensive eye exam from our eye doctors in Naples at Naples Eye Physicians can determine your best option.

Glaucoma Treatments at Naples Eye Physicians

Among the varied treatments we provide at Naples Eye Physicians, we offer glaucoma treatments specifically for your condition.

  • Traditional Eye Surgery – In severe or advanced cases of glaucoma, our eye doctors in Naples may suggest a trabeculectomy. In this procedure, an artificial drainage area is created to lessen pressure on the optic nerve, which may have already been damaged. Another traditional eye surgery is installing a shunt to facilitate drainage. This is usually done when medication no longer is effective.
  • Laser Eye Surgery – A safe and painless laser procedure known as a trabeculoplasty can create tiny holes facilitating the release of fluid and the pressure associated with its buildup. It is an excellent alternative for those who aren't comfortable with regularly putting medication in their eyes.

If you have been diagnosed with or feel you may have glaucoma, contact us to make an appointment at 239-262-6288. Naples Eye Physicians is located at 661 Goodlette Road North, Suite #105 in Naples, FL.