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How Long Does Pink Eye Last?

How Long Does Pink Eye Last? When to Visit Your Eye Doctor in Naples

Defined as inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva (your eyeball's outermost layer), conjunctivitis (pink eye) is caused by bacteria, viruses, allergens or contact lenses. Since pink eye is so contagious, the condition often affects one eye at the onset of the infection but then spreads to the other eye. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include excessive watering, discharge, itchiness, burning, and swelling of the eyelids. If you suspect you may have pink eye, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor in Naples,  who can properly diagnose conjunctivitis using a slit lamp device, determine if you are contagious and prescribe medication to relieve symptoms.

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Length of a Pink Eye Infection

Bacterial or viral conjunctivitis usually subsides within seven to 10 days. Viral pink eye is more contagious than bacterial pink eye but symptoms of the bacterial pink eye are more severe. Pink eye caused by allergies are non-contagious but symptoms will continue unless your eye doctor in Naples treats eye allergy symptoms with prescription eye drops.

Most people do not wait for their pink eye infection to clear up on its own because symptoms interfere with vision and conjunctivitis-infected eyes appear noticeably red and swollen. In addition, using home remedies to reduce pink eye infections are often ineffective and may even worsen the infection.

Conjunctivitis Caused by Contact Lenses

If you wear soft contact lenses for too long without taking them out and cleaning them, you could develop a type of pink eye called giant capillary conjunctivitis. Symptoms of GCC are similar to a viral pink eye and should be treated by your eye doctor in Naples as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may be necessary to switch to daily disposable or rigid gas permeable contact lenses to eliminate symptoms of giant capillary conjunctivitis.

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