Vision Therapy FAQs

Vision therapy is a treatment program that is individualized to correct visual system deficiencies caused by trauma to the nervous system, an inadequate sensorimotor, or stress. All of these things can interfere with the function of the visual system. Visual therapy will teach the brain how to use the eyes properly to gather, process, and react to information. At Naples Eye Physicians, we have been sharing the benefits of vision therapy with residents of Naples, FL for many years.

What Does a Vision Therapy Program Include?

A vision therapy program will usually include the use of specialized lenses, filters, prisms, and procedures that are designed to help the brain’s ability to control eye movement, eye alignment, and eye teamwork. It will also improve your ability to focus. Endurance and high levels of visual-motor efficiency are also developed during vision therapy. New skills are learned and then become automatic by repetition and integration with cognitive and motor skills.

Can Vision Therapy Be Useful to Those with Learning Problems? 

Vision issues can cause headaches, double vision, blurred vision, eye staring, attention difficulties, and reading problems. Even intelligent people can be handicapped by these types of problems in a work or school environment. By correcting these issues, it allows those to reach their full potential in the workplace or classroom.

Are There Different Types of Vision Therapy?

Not every vision therapy program is going to be the same and will involve different approaches depending on the condition. Our ophthalmologist will evaluate your condition to create a vision therapy plan tailored to your needs.

What Are Some Issues That Can Be Treated with Vision Therapy?

Crossed eyes can be treated through vision therapy. Vision therapy is the only alternative to treating crossed eyes without surgery. Lazy eye can also be treated. Visual problems that stem from a traumatic brain injury can also be remedied with vision therapy.

What Are Some Symptoms of Vision-Related Disorders That May Need Vision Therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, consider contacting our ophthalmologists for vision therapy:

  • Avoiding close work such as reading
  • Experiencing unstable, double, or blurred vision
  • Trouble finishing assignments
  • Misreading letters or words
  • Being easily distracted
  • Losing your place while copying or reading

Vision Therapy in Naples, FL 

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