Cataract Treatment From Our Eye Physicians

woman receiving an eye exam


Commonly associated with aging statistics report that nearly half of Americans age 80 or older will have cataracts, and undergone cataract surgery. We at Naples Eye Physicians offer just that thanks to our own personal surgery center. We offer ophthalmology at its best.

What is a Cataract Exactly?

Cataract is where the lenses in the eye become cloudy making your vision appear blurry. It is mostly brought on by ages and can happen in either eye or both. It is not a virus or bacteria, so cataract is not contagious.

What Causes Cataract

The main cause of most cataract is aging. Also, smoking, diabetics, alcohol can be contributing factors. It also depends on the type of cataract you have too. Here are the three other types.

  • Secondary cataract – This type is formed after one has had eye surgery for another other eye issues.
  • Traumatic cataract – Cataract that forms from after an eye injury usually coming on sometime later.
  • Radiation cataract – This type can be brought on by exposure to particular radiations.
  • Congenital cataract – Cataract that you are born with. It often develops later on. Often times it is so small vision is often not affected. If vision is affected surgery is needed by an Ophthalmologist to replace the lenses.


If caught early the condition may be improved with tools such as a new pair of glasses, using anti glaring sunglasses when in the sun only if the cataract affects your vision severely making daily life difficult is surgery recommended. Surgery is really the only treatment for cataract. In it, they remove the bad lens replacing it with a new lens that is artificial. You will talk with your personal Ophthalmologist before deciding if surgery is needed or not. We at a Naples Eye Physicians do just that. We can take care of all your other eye concerns too. Come visit or call us today. We’ve been serving the Naples and FL area since 1968 and only expanded to become one of the top eye clinics in Naples.